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Child Development Center

Christ-centered childcare

Child Development Center

We understand that decisions made regarding your child's education and care among the most important that a parent makes. Woodlawn CDC is dedicated to providing a Christ-centered, safe, and loving environment for our child's education and care.

Woodlawn CDC is pleased to offer:

  • Extended Care for elementary students on the Beach
  • Quest Summer Camp for elementary students in the summer months
  • Preschool & Daycare for ages infant - 4 years old

Mission Statement

Our mission at Woodlawn Child Development Center is to be an outreach to the children and families of our church and community. It is our mission to provide a safe, caring, and loving environment that I rich in Biblical principles, moral values, developmentally appropriate activities, and stimulation of a child's social, emotional, intellectual, physical and spiritual growth.


We believe in providing a supportive and nurturing learning environment for children, encouraging their development through Christian-based education.

We believe that the love and example of Christ is experienced through others and strive to show this love and acceptance to children and their parents.

We believe children learn about themselves and their environment best through active participatory learning.

We believe that an excitement for learning is best generated in a setting that presents opportunities and avoids achievement pressures.

We believe in Christian outreach, to serve both our community and church families.

Woodlawn members and those outside the congregation will work in partnership to serve Woodlawn CDC and acknowledge it as a ministry of Woodlawn.

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