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Hurricane Relief

Coming together to support our community

Helping rebuild our community

Woodlawn is serving as a Distribution Center for Hurricane Michael Relief. We are distributing supplies all across the Panhandle, and each donation will go directly to victims of the storm. The need is overwhelming, but we are working diligently to reach as many people as we can with supplies.

Our friends from all over the country have been so generous with supplies since the storm, we have more than enough supplies to cover our needs for the next several weeks. Needs are shifting away from food and emergency supplies, and are assessing our next steps.

We would ask that you pause more supply donations and consider assisting in other ways during the next couple of weeks: 

-Pray: for the residents affected by the storm, for the volunteers that are working long hours, and that God would continue to direct our efforts to those that need it most

-Volunteer for a work team: There are approximately 12,000 projects in Bay and Gulf Counties that need workers! We are organizing work teams every Saturday through the end of the year. If you would like to help, we will get you plugged in! Sign up below


Because of your generosity, we have served more than 5,000 individuals in our Relief Center, and approximately 15,000-20,000 individuals in our community! You are AMAZING! 

We may open donations back up to a very specific list of needs. But until then, we would welcome your help in our other areas!